Graphic Design is a driving force in advertising and the creation of what can become widely-recognized brands, as in the Trademarks displayed above. Potential consumers are bombarded daily with logos, trademarks, and symbols produced by amateurs and professional graphic designers. Graphic design is everywhere. Every newspaper, magazine, product package, brand logo, website, poster, book, sign, or billboard displays some form of graphic design. Almost always, thriving companies become successful, in part, because of their wise investments in professional graphic design. Those companies that choose not to make such investments, may find it difficult to compete.

Graphic Design gives your brand a familiar face, or visual presentation that, just by looking at it, gives a sense of what one should expect of the company and its products. As global competition expands with the exponential growth of technology, the need for that eye-catching graphic becomes even more critical to a business.

Mastery of the combining of colors, shapes, objects and font styles, and their strategic placement in relation to each other, is key to creating a successful design. Even something, as seemingly arbitrary, as a color choice for a website background or a logo, is far more important than one may realize. Trained graphic designers understand how certain colors create particular moods or reactions.

Graphics are encountered in our daily lives. The proper graphic can stimulate a person to feel drawn to a product and reach out to choose it from a store shelf. Conversely, a poorly-designed graphic can create an unconscious decision that a particular product is inferior, and that it is not even worth trying. Strong corporate branding can also convey that your company is ready to compete with any other players in the market. Feel free to select the following link to view some of our WORK.



Above, are only a few of my layouts which I designed for various businesses. Whether you are a small mom-and-pop business, major company, non-profit organization, or if you just want something personally done, I treat everyone with the same respect and importance.

I have been successful because I pay attention to detail, and think “outside the box,” while keeping your costs at a minimum. Many designers charge hundreds, if not thousands, for a logo design, website, or even to restore a vintage photo. One thing that makes "Designed by Marin" unique in the industry is our ability to work within your realistic budget. We also give special consideration to non-profit organizations, newly-established companies, as well as, companies in the process of formation. Your success is our success.

For more information concerning my background, please select this link, ABOUT. Or to request information, please select this link, CONTACT.



Hello, my name is Paul Marin, the owner of “Designed by Marin.” Starting at a very young age, I looked at advertising differently than most people. To me, the visual aspects -especially the colors- were of utmost importance. I remember when riding the New York subways and buses, I would spend my time studying the billboard ads. The ones that attracted me most were those that stimulated my peripheral vision. I eventually realized that it was the colors they used that actually got my attention. The copy (wording) is what held my gaze long enough to absorb what was being presented. Little did I realize that these small observances would lead me to a life long love in the field of advertising and graphic design.

With the Apple Macintosh coming into its own as the premiere graphic arts tool by 1990, I finally had the opportunity to become a graphic designer. Fast forward 27 years, I now have an extensive knowledge of marketing, advertising, graphic design, and sales.

Now, whenever I complete a project, I engage my mental checklist:
√  Will these colors be pleasing to the general public and to my client’s eyes?
√  Did the ad, logo, brochure, website design, etc... make logical sense?
√  Did it deliver its intended message?
√  Did I use the appropriate fonts (letter styles) to convey the message?

Until the answer to all these is an unequivocal, "YES", I will continue honing the project to perfection before presenting the final product to my client.

Answering "YES" to the list items above represents the culmination of my use of an extensive array of tools and talents that are unique to each particular design project. Each ad, etc... has it’s own flair of identity. This is not a one-size-fits-all graphic design company. All of my design projects are tailored to my clients' desires and their needs. In essence, my job is to transform your idea into a powerful statement of tangible reality.

Now that you know a little more about me and what I do, please select this link CLIENTS to view our showcase page for some excellent examples. Or, if you would like to know what I can do for you and that idea you've been holding on to, please select CONTACT.

Thank you for visiting!


Below is just a fraction of our work. Feel free to visit some of our clients websites, as well as,
view a few of their brochures and logos by clicking any link or artwork below.

imagine neen Photography
imagine neen P H O T O G R A P H Y is a Family and Lifestyle Photography studio, who's senior photography and owner is Krystina, also lovingly known as, Nina a/k/a/ Neen. She is based in The Hudson Valley, New York, and is available for
Engagements, Maternity, Newborn, Children & Family photo shoots.
(I designed their logo, and their website.)
Overcoming Toxic Emotions
Overcoming Toxic Emotions Ministry (OTEM) women’s group was established by Founder, Reverend Maria Payne and Co-Founder Melinda Zuniga. OTEM ministry was birthed out of great emotional pain and instability in Reverend Maria’s own life. She now wants to share the lessons she has gleaned from the Word of God with all who are hurting.
(I designed their logo, website and brochure)
Lippincott Manor
Lippincott Manor is a family owned and operated catering facility, which is nestled in scenic Ulster County.
It features one of the most beautiful settings in the Hudson Valley for weddings and private events.
They provide individual planning and customized packages.
(Although I didn't design their website, I did design their logo, and brochure)
Spread God's Word
Spread God's Word (SGW) Ministry is a not-for-profit organization. It was established to reach out to the masses
with God's spiritual enrichment. By forging partnerships with like-minded churches and other organizations,
they envision a sustained and growing network touching people in all parts of the globe.
(I designed their logo, and present website. Their NEW revamped website will be released in January 2018)
My Book of Photos
My Book of Photos is an up-and-coming custom design book printing company who will be offering FREE design software. This software will makes it possible for you to have the full control of designing any of their custom books to showcase your digital images with an array of special effects, borders, editing tools, backgrounds, etc.
(I designed their logo, and we are presently designing their website)
Photo Books USA
Photo Books USA is the branding company of "My Book of Photos" above.
(I designed their logo, and I am presently designing their website)
Time In A Frame Photography
Time In A Frame Photography is not your typical photography company. They are not an "Event" photography studio.
Their focus is on lanscapes, objects, flowers and unique candid shots of people.
Infact, they photograph just about anything beautiful and/or unusual and showcase them on their website.
(I designed their logo, and I am presently designing their website)
Mi Sofrito Puro
"Mi Sofrito Puro" is a division of Marín de La Isla Verde, LLC.
I established the company in May of 2009 and I am also the Senior Graphic Design Artist of "Designed By Marin."
I decided to enter the Hispanic Food Industry to create a much healthier, better tasting product.
(I designed the logo, and I designed the website)
Marin de La Isla Verde, LLC
Marin de La Isla Verde, LLC is the branding company of "Mi Sofrito Puro" above.
(I designed the logo, and our "Launching Soon" website. Our final website will be released mid -to- late 2018)
Photo Restoration Before and After
Pictured above are two photos which two clients wanted restored.
The top left picture was a wallet size pic. The top right picture was restored, color corrected and reprinted to 4" X 6".
Bottom left picture was 5" X 6" when I received it and was cut-up, as shown, by a family member many years ago.
Pic background removed, top head rebuit, colorized and placed in a new background, then reprinted to 8" X 10".
(Click HERE to view a larger version)
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to find out what I can do for you and that idea you've been holding on to!

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Name Description Price
Item One Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99
Item Two Vis ac commodo adipiscing arcu aliquet. 19.99
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