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Engaging our mental √-check list.

Commercial graphic designers look at advertising differently than most people. The visual aspects -especially the colors and tones- are of utmost importance.

Mr. Marin states:

“I remember when riding the New York buses and subways, I would spend my time studying the billboard ads. The ones that attracted me most were those that stimulated my peripheral vision. I eventually realized that it was the colors they used that actually got my attention. The copy (wording) is what held my gaze long enough to absorb what was being presented. Little did I realize that these brief observations would lead me to a life-long love in the field of advertising and commercial graphic design.”

Now, whenever we start a project, we always start with this mental checklist:
 Will the colors be pleasing to the general public and to our client’s eyes?
 Does the ad, logo, brochure, website design, etc... make logical sense?
 Does it deliver its intended message?
 Are we using the appropriate fonts (letter styles) to convey the message?

Until the answer to these, as well as other questions, are an unequivocal, "YES", we will continue honing the project to perfection before presenting the preliminary job proof to the client.

Answering "YES" to our list of questions represents the culmination of our use of an extensive array of tools and talents that are unique to each particular design project. Each commissioned job has it’s own flair of identity. This is not a one-size-fits-all graphic design company. All of our design projects are tailored to the clients' desires and their needs. In essence, our job is to transform your idea into a powerful statement of tangible reality.

Now that you know a little more about us and what we do, please visit our PORTFOLIO page for some excellent examples.

Special pricing is available for new Start-Up companies and Not-For-Profit organizations.